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Catherine Gray

ICF accredited and Strengths Champion Certified Coach


I am here to help you see change and transformation in the everyday things and in the things you feel most stuck with.

I’m not here to give you advice, or answers, or to fix things, but to facilitate you having the time and space to come up with your own solutions. You can expect me to be asking lots of questions, gently challenging you on the things that will bring breakthrough, and encouraging you to keep thinking things through from new perspectives.

I have the gift of administration, strategic thinking, a love for improvement and self development and am not put off or overwhelmed by big scale issues or the need to re-jig anything / everything. I think outside the box, am flexible and offer a mixture of consultancy and coaching to teams and individuals, alongside encouraging a love of and ability to hear from God daily. I believe you can find calm in the chaos, focus on the big picture without losing the finer details, and that making mid-course adjustments to your plans and decisions isn’t something to fear.

Bring on the change!

'For Such A Time As This'

1:1 coaching tailored to what you need and when.

Together we find out who you were made to be, what God is saying to you and what your next steps are.

Coaching for organisations

    Does your team moral and motivation need a bit of a boost?

    Are you looking to make sure you have all the right people in the right roles?

    Does your company’s culture and identity need a revamp? 

    Then this is for you!


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    What is Coaching?...
    The International Coaching Federation assesses coaches and maintains the standards of coaching worldwide. Their video about coaching gives some helpful insights into what coaching looks like for different people:


    Why do people choose coaching?

    You can come to coaching for a variety of reasons…from needing accountability for sorting out your diary or processing a difficult conversation you’ve had recently, to planning for future change or reassessing how things are going in life. We can talk about anything and everything that will be useful for you, however big or small an issue, to ensure you move forward in your personal or work life.

    How often are the sessions?

    Session frequency is up to you! They can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a mixture of those depending on what you need and when. Each session is structured to ensure it is the most effective for where you are on the day. Sometimes this means we will reference what has been said or done at previous sessions, and other times we may talk about a stand alone subject that needs our attention on a one off occasion.  Every session is future focused and enables you to think in new ways about yourself and the things you most need to see a shift with.

    How is coaching different to counselling?
    Coaching is a relationship between client and coach that exists to help build possibilities and new thinking for a client who often feels stuck.
    In a counselling session, there is an 'expert' and a person who needs 'help.' In coaching, we are equals who are both taking responsibility for moving you towards positive change. The coach does not advise, consult or share expertise; rather they facilitate a safe space for learning and growth.
    Coaching helps individuals create the changes they want in all aspects of life
    Coaching is moving people towards success and is focused on the future. It moves people from ideas to action.
    It is an ongoing relationship between coach and client which focuses on the client taking action towards the realisation of their goals or desired self.
    How much does it cost?

    Take a look at the services page to see what different packages of sessions are available and how much each one costs. I take on a limited amount of pro bono work each year so if you would like to apply for one of these slots please do get in touch. 


    How do I know you are the right coach for me?

    I help people to realise what their strengths are, what resonates with their purpose and identity and how to align their life with that.

    My prophetic perspective and strategic outlook mean that this is a very God led and future focused process that leaves you feeling empowered to keep progressing and growing long after our sessions have finished. Read more about who I am and my journey with coaching on the about page.

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