Catherine Gray

Helping organisations, teams and leaders to

massively improve their results

and retain their top talent

Leadership and Talent Consultancy

ICF accredited and Strengths Champion Certified Coaching


Ever feel like you’ve tried everything and keep coming up against the same problems?

Are you feeling drained by people-related issues and unable to get the traction you need with your projects and plans?


My job is to give everyone renewed clarity, purpose and enthusiasm about their unique role in the organisation and to know how that fits in with the wider vision and values of your business.

How can I help?

By simply getting to the heart of the matter and bringing new insight and innovation to your greatest challenges.

I’m a catalyst for peaceful, well-executed change.

We use world class assessments alongside a bespoke approach to get you and your team to where you need to be.  




Founders / CEOs

Listen to the numbers


of Fortune 500 companies have used CliftonStrengths


Lower attrition


Increased profit


Increased sales


Higher customer engagement

What makes working with me different?

My philosophy is simple: I want you to surpass your targets and goals, gain deep insight into the unique value that each staff member brings to the team, and have a culture that overflows with joy and ease in both the day to day tasks that need to happen and the relationships that need to thrive in order for you to succeed.

I’m a safe pair of hands that help you regain the trust, confidence and productivity you are looking for in your team.

I can turn up purely in coach mode, or you can make use of my many skills and skins and we can create a bespoke plan that could include me showing up as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, strategist, mission accompanier, explorer or even a trusted advisor.

Book onto an upcoming webinar. 

Learn why developing your greatest talents ensures you maximise your individual and organisational potential.

Leaders who focus on their strengths are:


More likely to be engaged in their work.


More likely to strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day


More likely to report having an excellant quality of life.


Knowing the distinctive qualities of my signature strengths will help me as I determine how to best align my gifts and abilities with organisations where my strengths will be best suited and used.  This is a process I will definitely recommend to others. 


I am most often skeptical of such activities and concerned about how much time they take away from work and personal time.  However, I found this particular exercise to have been very meaningful and worth the investment of time. 


Start aligning your life to your talents