Clifton Strengths


CliftonStrengths, previously known as StrengthsFinder, is a popular tool developed by Gallup for identifying individuals’ top strengths.

This tool focuses on positive psychology, emphasising the importance of cultivating and using our strengths rather than trying to improve our weaknesses.

Improve Team Performance

Learning to apply your strengths as a leader whilst helping your team members do the same is the most effective way to improve performance, efficiency and engagement.

Gallup assessments identify your natural talents and the talents of people on your team so you can transform employee potential into high performance.

Reliable, Proven, Transformational.

Why is CliftonStrengths better than other approaches?

  1. Positive Focus: Unlike traditional approaches that often focus on correcting weaknesses, CliftonStrengths emphasizes leveraging individual strengths. This positive focus increases motivation and improves performance.

  2. Validated Research: CliftonStrengths is based on decades of Gallup research, making it a reliable and validated tool for identifying strengths.

  3. Unique Strengths Profiles: With 34 strengths and over 33 million possible combinations, CliftonStrengths provides a highly personalised profile that can effectively guide individual, team, and organisational development strategies.

Here’s why CliftonStrengths can make a significant difference for individuals, teams, and organisations:

For Individuals:

  1. Self-awareness: CliftonStrengths helps individuals understand their unique talents and capabilities, leading to increased self-awareness. This understanding can boost confidence, job satisfaction, and productivity.

  2. Personal Development: By identifying personal strengths, individuals can strategically invest in areas where they have the most potential for growth, leading to improved performance and professional development.

For Teams:

  1. Team Dynamics: CliftonStrengths promotes effective team dynamics by helping team members understand each other’s strengths. This understanding fosters mutual respect, reduces conflict, and enhances team collaboration.

  2. Role Alignment: Understanding team members’ strengths allows managers to align roles and responsibilities better, leveraging the innate talents of each member. This results in increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

For Organisations:

  1. Organisational Performance: Companies that use CliftonStrengths see improved organisational performance. According to Gallup research, strengths-based organizations are more profitable and have higher productivity, lower turnover, and improved customer ratings.

  2. Employee Engagement: Implementing a strengths-based approach increases employee engagement. Engaged employees are more likely to be passionate about their work, leading to better quality of work and higher productivity.

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