Clarity on your purpose,

calling and dreams


“It’s not the hard work that tires people out, it’s the fog.”

Michael K. Simpson


What if in 6 weeks time you could describe your calling, purpose and what you are doing next in a few sentences?

What if you had compiled a list of all your dreams (or learnt how to dream), knew which ones are for now, which are for later and have a plan to move you closer to each one?

What if all this stuff suddenly didn’t seem illusive, mysterious and too hard?!

Going on a journey to find out more about all of this and all of the exciting things God has planned for you is something that brings me so much joy. I have confidence that in this process you will learn to regularly hear from God and will be able to describe, very specifically, who you are and what you are made to do.

Shall we get started soon?



I want you to know who you are made to be, what you are called to do and what your next steps are going to be.

This is for you if...

You want to be hearing from God and doing the ‘right’ thing at the ‘right’ time but have no idea what season this is.

This is for you if...

Finding your purpose and calling and chasing your dreams has always seemed illusive, scary or unattainable.

This is for you if...

You need to know where to find your identity when your role has changed and the future feels too unknown.