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What if there was a way for 2023 to be your company’s best year yet?

What if it thrived despite a recession?

Even better, what if employee engagement and retention improved and your people felt valued, appreciated and deeply connected to your company’s vision and values?

What could this mean for the health and success of your company?


People are suffering from loneliness, anxiety, overwhelm, stress and not knowing if the workplace is a safe place to be vulnerable about what is really going on.

This impacts productivity, the number of absenteeism and sick days, benefit claims as well as turnover rates; costing you (tens) of thousands of pounds in lost productivity and hiring costs.


We need to find a new solution and perhaps now is the time to truely invest in the wellbeing of your most valued asset – your people!


Right now is the best time to create a ‘strengths based culture’ that helps your people not only achieve their professional goals but also their personal goals.

  • A company with a work environment that encourages their people to bring their best self to work.
  • Staff who come to work with increased energy and joy are also going to create increased profit – when employees thrive, organisations thrive.


We can help you achieve your corporate goals whilst creating a stronger, more positive culture that will allow you to retain your top talent, increase productivity and of course, increase profit.


Our strengths based work is a unique and customisable action plan, based on what’s most important to each unique individual… all meant to help you and your team find more meaning, purpose and fulfilment; both personally and professionally.


This unique way of working has been tested and proved effective for numerous global companies in various industries, creating a new sense of belonging, connection, accountability and purpose.


If you are looking for a fun, inclusive and unique way to address the mental health and wellbeing of your employees and show that you truly care, I invite you to book a call with us to see if our programme is right for you.    

Who’s this for?

 Small to medium companies who…


How will it help me?

 Do you have:

Poor team Rapport

Individuals not feeling fulfilled

Low staff retention rates

Reduced productivity

Wellbeing issues and high levels of staff turnover and / or sick days

Ineffective communication

Targets not being met

Slow and below average delivery on strategic initiatives

No self awareness and/or emotional intelligence

Targets not being met and tricky review meetings / disciplinaries

Staff not feeling connected to  and appreciated by or understood by managers


What impact do these problems have on:

Individuals: Wants to leave. Feels undervalued and under appreciated. Feels badly managed and doesn’t want to come to work. No motivation to do their daily work. Bigger projects / targets not completed.


Managers: Poor communication between managers, staff and departments. Profits not as good as they could be. High cost of benefit payments to current staff and invested in recruitment of new staff. Focus is overly on people related problem solving rather than being the best at what they do for customers. 


Team as a whole: People often off, not finishing important tasks and not talking to each other properly. Team targets not met or some people feeling like the responsibility is all on them – more stress.


Peers: Often worried about colleagues’ wellbeing and if people are going to leave, which leaves me with more work / tricky situations to deal with. Is my manager going to actually listen to me or ask me to do unreasonable things.


Organisation: High costs in recruitment and staff retention / remuneration whilst off sick.

Potential to lose customers as staff are not working at their best and targets / services are not being delivered on.

Managers dealing with a lot of people issues which takes all their time and energy.

People at all levels less likely to buy in to or engage with current and new initiatives as they lose trust in the company.




More Than 90% of Fortune 500 Companies Have Used CliftonStrengths

Are you ready to make some changes, increase profits and run a team that people love being part of?



  1. Each individual does the CliftonStrengths Assessment and has 6 hours of 1:1 coaching around their results
  2. You then get to pick either a Team Alignment (where we go over all the results with you / your management team and make a plan to ensure everyone and everything thrives) or a Team Transformation for whole teams / departments to learn more about each other and forge a way forwards together.
  3. You get regular access to me and my unique strengths – strategic, developer, belief, responsibility, connectedness, arranger. In real terms this means
  • I love a puzzle and can see a way forwards when everything seems impossible,
  • I’m committed to seeing growth in everything I’m involved with,
  • Knowing the why and the purpose of decisions and plans is vital to the whole team
  • I’m committed to integrity and a high level of accountability
  • I easily weave things together, find the missing pieces and
  •  The ability to ‘spin lots of plates’ and re-organise things so they are more aligned and fit for purpose
  1. I am an accredited coach with the ICF, with a varied work history – I understand a lot of different sectors, roles, responsibilities and issues.
  2. I am a mental health first aider
  3. I am an entrepreneur – running 2 businesses so don’t just talk theory. I understand the day to day juggle and middle of the night stresses.




  1. Everyone gets 1:1 time with a coach which increases their sense of wellbeing, confidence and productivity levels, and the feeling of being seen, heard and valued by the company.
  2. Everyone has a shared language to effectively communicate theirs strengths and talents.
  3. You more thoroughly understand the individuals in your team and how to best allocate tasks and projects to ensure targets are met.
  4. Higher self and group awareness (EQ) and resilience.
  5. Higher capacity to solve problems and resolve conflicts.
  6. Greater enjoyment at work and in life.
  7. People become more innovative, creative and happy!
  8. You get an unbiased, outside view from someone who loves the big picture as much as the minute detail.
  9. You have the best of both worlds with me being independent and bespoke but also having the expertise and professional backing of a larger company (wealign).  


Individuals who do the assessment are 6x as likely to be engaged in their jobs, 6x as likely to strongly agree that they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day and 3x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life


Created from years of experiencing bad management, excelling at jobs across all levels of organisations in the charity, education and commercial industries and hours and hours of study and training in neuroscience, coaching, sociology, change, attachment and trauma, emotional intelligence and how to ensure progress and success.


Teams need great managers, and those managers need opportunities to develop. CliftonStrengths is the tool that inspires higher organizational and team performance, all while making every manager better.


[Direct from Gallup website]: Teams That Use Their Strengths Perform Better Than Teams That Don’t. You know your team members better than anyone. But do you know why they do what they do, what motivates them or when they’re at their best?  We make it easy to find out.  When you and your team use the CliftonStrengths assessment to discover what you do best, you’ll have stronger team dynamics, better conversations and increased collaboration.

Managing a Team Is Challenging; CliftonStrengths Makes It Easier Not only do managers have a lot to do in a limited time, but they also must ensure that team productivity and engagement remain high.  Team success depends on the manager because:  Managers support individual and team performance. Managers have complex — and rewarding — responsibilities. Managers can singlehandedly change a team for the better. The CliftonStrengths for Managers report is a tool that helps you clarify your role as a manager. And when you know how to organize your tasks, time and talents, you’ll get better at doing the same for your team.

High-Performing Organizations Start With the Right Culture And the right culture starts with CliftonStrengths.  Organizations with strengths-based cultures succeed because:  They engage their employees. They select managers who coach their employees to bring their best selves to work. They provide an exceptional employee experience. It’s not surprising that organizations with strengths-based cultures experience higher employee engagement, retention, productivity and performance.  Because when you get the best out of your people, you get the best out of your business.

Bring Strengths to Your Organization: The Best Approach Is Your Approach Regardless of your industry, the size of your organization or your position, there’s untapped potential in every company. Uncover that potential by focusing on what you’re already great at.  Our strengths-based culture research has benefited organizations and their people, from:   10 to 100,000+ employees   public sector and education to nonprofits and healthcare   managers and front-line workers to CEOs and coaches

Build a Strengths-Based Culture Building a strengths-based culture is about more than just giving employees the CliftonStrengths assessment, although that is how some companies like to begin.  Gallup’s research and experience working with the best strengths-based organizations show that it takes a commitment to five key areas.


  1. Start with the CEO or executive sponsor. Your efforts to build a strengths-based culture hinge on leadership alignment. A strong commitment from the top can tie your strengths-based approach to your organization’s identity. But it takes intentional effort from your executives to explain how a focus on CliftonStrengths enables your organization to achieve its purpose and objectives.  What the Best Leaders Do  Leaders who get the most out of a strengths initiative approach it as a business strategy. It becomes constantly top of mind for them, and they:  articulate how the strengths initiative is connected to the organization’s identity (purpose, brand, culture) think about the people they are talking to at any given time and consider how their talent DNA is at work openly share their own strengths with others and explain how they use them communicate how applying the strengths of each person will enable their company to achieve its purpose and business objectives However, actions always speak louder than words, and the most influential messages are conveyed by leaders’ actions.
  2. Give every employee the opportunity to discover their CLiftonStrengths, Your people need to know what they naturally do best and how to understand the same about their teammates. When you give your employees the chance to take the CliftonStrengths assessment, they’ll get the tools and resources to learn how to use their CliftonStrengths to succeed in their role.  What the Best Organizations Do  The best organizations understand the business benefits of having everyone take the CliftonStrengths assessment, even people in high-turnover roles. Whether they are a retail employee who interacts with customers or a manufacturing worker who doesn’t, investing in everyone can reduce turnover (up to a 72% reduction for high-turnover organizations) and improve the customer experience. The best also:  create an ongoing plan for incorporating strengths for new team members give employees tools and resources to understand how to embed strengths into their specific roles and everyday behaviors establish strengths as a language and change developmental and performance conversations do a good job of recognizing talents in action
  3. INtegrate CLiftonStrengths into performance management. Managers face an ongoing crisis. Most of their employees aren’t engaged, and most say they aren’t managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. A strengths-based approach to performance development can help. We can help you reengineer your performance management approach and shift your managers from being bosses to being coaches.  What the Best Strengths-Based Managers Do  The best managers believe that managing by aligning employees’ talents with their development creates the best opportunity for individual and organizational success. They are also:  mindful of their own talents and assume responsibility for developing them understanding and appreciative of their employees’ strengths and capable of using and communicating that information to set up each person for success making regular adjustments to align work with team members’ strengths, when possible
  4. Transform your internal programmes. A strengths-based culture enhances the employee experience. That’s why the best organizations make sure strengths-based development is at the core of every initiative and program throughout the employee life cycle. We can help you audit your existing programs and transform any that contradict the philosophies of a strengths-based culture. What the Best Organizations Do Integrate strengths into internal communications and culture-building programs: company newsletters internal videos intranet branding company blogs webinars/podcasts email signatures storytelling Align internal and external messaging on the “why” and “how” behind strengths, giving employees the learning and tools they need to deliver on the organization’s brand promise.
  5. Decide how ongoing coaching will be used to embed this new culture, empower your people and increase their wellbeing long term.

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