Executive Leadership coaching

1:1 coaching to improve your self leadership, know your purpose and calling and make a plan to align your life to your talents

Who are you and what are you built to do brilliantly?

Living and working without purpose not only impacts our productivity and wellness levels, it actually effects our life expectancy!

What if you could describe your calling, purpose and what you are doing next in a few sentences?

What if you had compiled a list of all your dreams and plans (or learnt how to dream), knew which ones are for now, which are for later and have a plan to move you closer to each one?


Shall we get started soon?

Who is it for?

I help Business Leaders, Directors and Founders, get clarity on who they are, what they are gifted with and plan what to do next so that they can lead brilliantly and do what they love with ease and joy.

  • Entrepreneurs and Founders looking for some support on the journey

  • Leaders and CEOs who need to step up their leadership skills

What do you get out of it?

More clarity, more confidence and more inner peace.

Implement the right strategies to become your best, most authentic and joyful self. 

Releasing you from limiting beliefs and raising the bar on your expectations for next year. 

Ongoing, regular and bespoke coaching to ensure your progress towards your goals. 

Build on your strengths for a great career fit, feeling fulfilled and aligned to your purpose. 

A tangible, actionable life plan that fits with your business plan.

Knowing the distinctive qualities of my signature strengths will help me as I determine how to best align my gifts and abilities with organisations where my strengths will be best suited and used.  This is a process I will definitely recommend to others. 


I am most often skeptical of such activities and concerned about how much time they take away from work and personal time.  However, I found this particular exercise to have been very meaningful and worth the investment of time. 


Start aligning your life to your talents