Breakfast Breakthrough & Lunchtime Lock-ins!

Spend 1 – 2 hours with me on zoom, getting all the tasks done that you have been consistently putting off or feeling overwhelmed by.

Breakfast Breakthrough


    Lunchtime Lock-in




    You are running a small business and the tasks are endless.


    You are doing jobs you never dreamed you would have to consider, let alone master; and every time you conquer one skill / task, another 3 seem to rear their head.

    The things you LOVE doing seem to fill up a smaller part of your week than all these other more tedious things.

    Stay Organized

    It’s usually the day -to – day admin or big, exciting but scary projects that we unintentionally put off, and this puts us in a place of holding ourselves and our businesses back – just by a lack of action.

    I’m bringing you a place to plan, brainstorm and act on all those things you know you should be getting on with.

    Stay Connected

    Say hi to the others on the call, then commit to what you will try to achieve during the 1 – 2 hours.

    We will have a half way ‘check in’ to see how everyone is doing and end the call by celebrating what we have all acheived.

    Move Into the Future

    See visible progress with tasks being ticked off your list and an impact on your business and you mind as you journey towards the business growth you’ve always wanted. 

    Breakfast Breakthrough


      Lunchtime Lock-in




      If the available times and dates do not work for you, please get in touch and we can talk about setting sessions up that work well for you and what you need.

      The power to move your business forwards


      What it is that you most often avoid doing or you find the most boring?

      For me it’s all the behind the scenes admin of my business – and that’s coming from someone very gifted in adminstration!


      I just want to get on with working with my lovely clients and seeing their lives change for the better.


      However I don’t get lots of new clients or do the best job I can with current clients unless I’m on top of the more monotonous tasks.


        Whether it’s:

        • planning your social media content

        • designing images for your posts

        • replying to emails or booking rooms

        • creating your next class or course

        • re-vamping your LinkedIn profile

        • updating webpages

        • writing blogs or articles

        • reaching out to potential clients








        Breakfast Breakthrough


          Lunchtime Lock-in