About Cat

ICF Certified and Strengths Champion Coach

I can’t wait to find out what you are struggling to solve and to partner with you in finding the way forwards.


People, Purpose, Plans

It’s incredibly exciting to see people realise a sense of meaning, alignment and joy in who they are and what they should be doing.

I can’t wait to see you, your team and your whole organisation exceeding expectations whilst working compassionately with one another.  


My charter when working with you:

  1. I genuinely care

  2. I understand it’s tough

  3. Change is both difficult and necessary

  4. People go at their own pace

  5. I am fully immersed in your world

  6. My organisation is small but strong

  7. Our work will be data driven and spectacularly bespoke

A breath of fresh air to the corporate world

Let’s work together to see your teams transformed into highly effective groups, who love to work together and never miss a deadline!

Spending time with Cat is always a refreshing time. Her method of coaching allows me to share my thoughts and feelings about work openly before reflecting back with me. Cat is very empathetic and encouraging but isn’t afraid to offer challenge and greater reflection through direct and specific questions. I come away from sessions with Cat feeling inspired and championed.


Want to know more about my experience, credibility and what my strengths are?


All of this, along with my Vision, Values and Mission Statement can be found here:

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